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Abbreviations are now commonly used in a variety of situations, what was once thought unprofessional and bad practice is now a world wide used technique of communication. Abbreviations are used in Chat Rooms, Text Messages (SMS), Emails, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and more.

To keep you upto date with abbreviations and their meanings this page will have information with meanings to the most common abbreviations if there are any that we have missed out on please let us know and we will add them.

Chat Room Abbreviations

If your in a chat room abbreviations are fairly common. In some cases you may be thinking to yourself what does that mean but are too afraid to ask in the chat room because you feel you should know what the abbreviation stands for. With soo many people now using chat rooms and so many new variations being created it is sometimes hard to keep up. If there is an abbreviation you have heard in the chat rooms and are not sure what it means you will likely find the meaning here.

Text Message - SMS Abbreviations

Text Messages (SMS) are now a very common way of communicating with a friend or colleague without having to spend all the extra time discussing over the phone how your day was and whats been happening. Unfortunately unless you are fast at typing text messages it seems to waste alot of time. That is why abbreviations in text messages has become a common method. If there are any text message abbreviations that you are unsure of please look here and you will likely find the meaning.

MSN Messenger - Windows Live Messenger Abbreviations

Msn Messenger and Windows Live Messenger is now a very common piece of software used for personal and business uses. MSN Messenger is older than Windows Live Messenger and is being phased out slowly but as long as people are happy using the older version people will continue to use it. When using Windows Live Messenger or other online messaging software abbreviations are commonly used to save time if your a slow typist. If there are abbreviations that are being used in MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger that you do not understand than look here and you should find the meanings.

Email Abbreviations

Emails are a great way to communicate to friends, family and work colleagues when there is not a phone handy or they live long distance. When reading emails you will find many abbreviations are being used like "lol, rotf, btw & omg". These email abbreviations are fairly common and most people know the meaning but when you come accross email abbreviations such as "IMHO & TTYS" you may be thinking what does that mean. So if you have been stumped by any email abbreviations come here and we should be able to help you.

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