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Free Templates

Everybody likes free templates, with a free template you are able to compare it to what you already have or if you cannot afford a paid template or web site design then a free template is always a starting point. There are many websites which claim to have free templates but then ask you to sign up before you can download these "free templates" the problem is the sign up costs you a monthly fee which then make these templates not free...

Free Web Site Template

Free web site templates can be handy to have, this way instead of paying $1000's to have a website designed you can choose from one of many free web site templates. Unfortunately the disadvantage of recieving a free web site template is that often you have to have links to the owners websites from all of you main pages which may make your website look slightly unprofessional.

An alternative to free web site templates is to pay for a website template. There are heaps of web site companies out there that make a large variety of templates and sell them for approximately $75. This is a cheap alternative to paying $1000's and usually you will get the web site template design that you are looking for.

Resume (CV) Templates

Resume templates also known as CV's are also available to get free. If you get a resume template for free it usually is not as high quality compared to paying for a resume template. Most of the CV templates cost approximately $10 to buy depending on the type of professionalism you are looking for you should no have to pay much more for your desired resume template.

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