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Online Surveys

Online surveys can be a way of making a living if you are dedicated to signing up to several different "Paid Survey" companies. The main problem is when you sign up to one of these online paid survey companies how do you know if they are legit or just taking you for a ride? Simple, in 99% of cases if your being offered $300 an hour to fill out surveys it is most likely to be a fraud.

Australian Paid Survey

There are not alot of Australian Paid Survey companies but there are still a few. Most australian paid survey companies only pay small amounts of cash or discount vouchers that can be used at selected stores. If you are looking for higher paying, higher density and a larger variety of surveys then it may be beter to target overseas online survey companies instead of Australian ones.

Overseas Survey Online

There are a wide variety of paid survey companies overseas, many of which claim to earn you millions upon millions from year to year. This is not true 99% of the time and if you are lucky enough to find an overseas company that does this legit then let us know as we would all like to retire one day :-).

When searching for an overseas online survey company it is best to look for one that offers a more reasonable pay out like $25 an hour or one that says if you would like to retire and work from home we recommend you sign up to a few online survey companies so that you get enough work.

Online Paid Surveys Australia

We will be placing companies that are endorsed and used by us. These will be legit online paid survey companies based in Australia. As mentioned above doing a survey in Australia generally pays less or sometimes even in coupon form. We do not guarantee you will make enough money to leave your job and work at home a few hours a week.

Online paid surveys in Australia should be considered as on the side money, fun and enjoyable. Usually the best offers you will get from any company in Australia is a discount at a partner store.

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