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Free Web Site Templates

Free web site design templates are a great way to start up a small business if you want to trial the benefits of online presence. This way you will not have to pay out alot of money in having a web site designer to create a layout for your website and then build it. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a free dinner and you get what you paid for usually.

In most cases the free web site design will have limitations such as image menu's not much room to add new pages, limited templates to choose from and some other small things which may make your web site just seem unprofessional. Most free web site design templates also require a link back to the owner from all of your web sites pages. This then can make your website look more cluttered and may not be the way for you in which case instead of having a free web site template you should get a paid website design template.

Paid Website Design Templates

Paid website design templates are a more professional approach to having a website created and still at a fraction of the cost a website designer would charge. There are alot of companies which specialise in creating and selling paid website design templates and in most cases these website design companies have created hundreds if not thousands of templates and themes to choose from.

Most paid website design templates cost approximately $75 and normally you can find all the detail and specifications you like. If you do not want anyone else to have the same paid website template as yours then there is usually an option to make the template original in which case you have to pay a bit more but sometimes to buy a paid website design template is easier than sourcing a web site designer who can do the same job.

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